Whether you require digital evidence of testimony under oath, mediation videos (aka settlement brochures), activities-of-daily-living (aka day-in-the-life), or any other type of legal video production, you can rest assured that your AAP Video Specialist has been certified by The American Guild of Court Videographers. This is important, because AGCV membership is only available to PROFESSIONAL Videographers. Once accepted as an AGCV member, the professional videographer is then trained in ALL AREAS of legal video, not just the video recording of depositions.

AAP believes such strict certification requirements are important. And this means your AAP Video Specialist understands that, if produced improperly, video evidence can be impeached and thrown out of court due to violations in the Federal, State and District Court’s “Rules of Civil Procedure” and “Rules of Evidence.” An AGCV certified videographer is in tune with such nuances and knows that even the storage and delivery of video evidence, the required paperwork that accompanies it, and the proper video shooting techniques are of critical importance.

Your AAP Videographer has not only become a member of the AGCV, but has also obtained THREE CERTIFICATIONS as follows: CDVS (Certified Deposition Video Specialist), CVDS (Certified Video Documentary Specialist), and CCVS (Certified Court Video Specialist). We thank you for considering us, and we can assure you that AAP Legal Video will produce a product that will uphold your reputation for quality, professionalism, and rock-solid evidence.